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Why is gambling illegal in some states but you can still play bingo?

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Why is gambling illegal in some states but you can still play bingo?

Sean M asked:
This does not make any sense to me whatsoever. If you know why or just want to comment please do so.

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Play Bingo at Live Bingo Room

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

Play Bingo at Live Bingo Room – an article by Suresh Nair

Bingo is a game which has been playing by many players around the world and now after becoming online its popularity has increase a lot. The name itself it is so attracting, otherwise to say like name the game is so nice and the players are making big bank rolls within hours.

Today, players who love to play bingo can do so in the comfort of their home itself or somewhere a computer and internet facility. Bingo games are widely popular among the players and the demand for live bingo games continues to grow as extra ordinary. All the Players are attracted to the casino sites because the offers from such sites are unparalleled expediency and big amazing prizes. One another attraction of the bingo is free bingo. These games are some of the most popular games available on the internet nowadays. Lot of people first try to play live bingo games online and later this bingo games are unavoidable to them while login. After hearing about online bingo from regular players, new visitors are learning about bingo by playing free bingo games.

Online bingo games are 20 times more exciting than playing other online casinos games such as slot machines, baccarat, etc. This is a game that takes many forms in the society as different methods. The best bingo sites game can access from different locations such as bingo parlors, festivals, churches, online Bingo halls and other locations in which people more gathers. People all around the world becomes members of these societies and playing the bingo game along with their friends and relatives. Even the game was originated in France, and spread all over the world within a short span of time and very much entered among the player’s minds.

The recognition of online bingo, bingo awards are the online game industry’s seal of approvals and accreditations. These awards awarded to those best online bingo games on the web. This is on the basis of credibility, reputation and prestige to online best casino sites. Surely the bingo is a game of chance which can be players by bingo download version. This is not to say that there is no online bingo strategy that can help you to increase your chances of winnings.

Free online bingo games are the basic strategy for getting way for players to learn how to play online bingo without losing cash. Free online bingo games are absolutely free for players, All the free bingo games are offering bonuses, cash prizes and benefits. Bingo tips & strategies are available in all sites which assist bingo players to play bingo online. Of course these play live bingo games are really exciting for players but the cost of fun and entertainment it offers is not only the attraction to the people. The online bingo players are winning big progressive jackpots occasionally and may be regularly.

Playing online bingo in a separate style is called Cyber bingo. You may well aware that Bingo was originated in the 1500’s as a form of lottery in Italy where people could win money. From the italy itself this word generated. Cyber bingo sites is an online symbol of the old classic called bingo. The major difference between the normal bingo and cyber bingo is that cyber bingo tickets are purchased at UK bingo sites online. While you play online bingo long enough you can understand the differences between normal and Cyber bingo. Cyber bingo cards are very similar to the normal bingo tickets and this game is also a game of clean luck.

The Author:

Hello, I am Suresh Nair. I love to play live bingo games, besides this I have written articles for bingo sites. Playing online bingo games gave great fun by making free bingo download software.

The Five Aspects Of Online Bingo That Make It So Popular!

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

The Five Aspects Of Online Bingo That Make It So Popular! – an article by Erim Jones

Online bingo is rapidly becoming one of the most popular online games played today the world over! Gamers not only love to play bingo but are also attracted to the community aspect, huge jackpots, ease of play and the speed at which games can be played in. Online bingo is without a shadow of a doubt, the future of bingo and more and more players are discovering the benefits of playing bingo online every day.

Game variety

One of the main attributes of online bingo halls are their game variety. For the most part, online bingo halls provide players with a host of different games including all your favourite bingo variations in addition to a wide range of other games for instance casino games, strategy games, slots, flash games, mini games etc.. In fact, the best sites are constantly introducing new games, formats and versions of not only traditional bingo but all the other they provide as well. It’s a well known fact that online gaming is a highly competitive market and gamers are constantly looking for new options which is why online bingo sites have had to maintain a steady growth is the games they provide and develop to keep players entertained and to attract new players.

The majority of online bingo sites offer a wide variety of games other than bingo. So if you grow tired of playing bingo you can play an alternative game without having to leave the site. For example, you can usually play the likes of; slots, video poker, keno, pull tabs, plus many more. Some sites have gone as far as to add free bingo tot heir game option and players can even win cash prizes when playing them.

Bingo Community

Another reason why online bingo has become so popular is the community aspect of the game. Players who are new to the world of online bingo might not be aware to the fact that most sites include a live chat function where the community of bingo players can interact with one another. The social aspect of bingo is an incredibly important part of the overall experience which is why the online bingo communities often play a vital part in getting players to re-visit the site.

In the chat rooms, players can talk to peers about how to play bingo, ask questions about free bingo, get tips and ask about the other games featured as well as talk about what’s going on in the world at present.

However, perhaps the best thing about bingo communities is the ability to make build friendships overtime which some people find very hard. The experience of online bingo isn’t really that different from the traditional bingo experience except for the fact that you don’t need to be their in person and you can play from the comfort of your own home.

Life changing Jackpots

One of the best reasons to experience online bingo is the huge jackpots that can be won. As online bingo communities have grown, so has their revenue which means they can now offer larger jackpots and better prizes than ever before! Progressive jackpots are the ones that have the biggest impact as they rise continually until they are won which can mean the prize pool can rise to staggering amounts!


Online bingo is unlike traditional bingo because players can have a game when ever they please, where ever they please without the need to visit a land based bingo hall. So in respect, online bingo is a 24 hour a day, 365 day a year industry.

In years gone by, bingo enthusiasts have had to wait for their local “bingo night” at the bingo hall, local pub or church, which was often a strain on time and resources and could sometimes even be considered a nuisance having to travel to get there. Online bingo halls simply never close, and since you can play from the comfort of your own home nothing could be more convenient. Your favourite past time at the click of a mouse, plus the added excitement of huge jackpots, a great community of players and all the other games you could ask for once you are all bingo-ed out!


The final reason behind bingos increase in popularity is down to its ease of use! Many avid bingo players love the fact that it’s so easy to play as well as win. Typically, bingo sites will have an extremely simple set up process that anybody who’s ever used a computer will be able to follow. Then you’re ready to go. Some sites even allow you to play free online bingo until you’re completely comfortable with the format and the procedure involved. In just a few clicks you’ll be ready to play and win an unbelievable jackpot.

So if you’ve ever needed a reason to play online bingo you’ve just read the top five! The only thing left to do now is choose an online bingo hall to play at. That’s were come in, as they provide a detailed guide to the UK online bingo market as well as proving comprehensive reviews of all the major UK bingo sites. That’s not all as they also provide a wealth of bingo related content including a free bingo/BOGOF bingo diary, a round up of all the free bingo cash available, side game reviews, bingo lingo, free bingo games plus much more.

The Author:

Erim Jones

Online Bingo UK

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

Online Bingo UKby Lee Pickrell

Bingo is a game of chance but many view it as a social event where you can make friends while playing and winning money. Online bingo is the game of bingo that is played on the Internet. There are numerous advantages of playing bingo online in comparison to traditional brick and mortar bingo halls. If you have a personal computer and access to the Internet, you can enjoy the thrills of playing bingo online from the comfort of your home. There are many UK bingo sites that offer online bingo games with good chatting facilities, making the experience all the more enjoyable.

The UK bingo industry is growing at a fast rate. There are many online bingo sites that offer huge jackpots, free bingo with no deposits, and many such schemes. As a marketing strategy, websites use such promotional offers to lure maximum players to their website. Many websites charge small membership fees, while others charge just for the bingo cards that need to be purchased. The UK bingo sites have become quite a rage amongst people from all walks of life. According to experts, if horse racing is the game for kings than UK bingo is the game for every individual irrespective of caste, colour, or creed.

There are many websites of UK bingo rated amongst the top online bingo sites worldwide. Few of them are listed below.

Think Bingo

Think Bingo has become one of the leading UK bingo sites due to its fun-filled lively environment in the games and chat rooms, big jackpots, great loyalty schemes, and player incentives.

Foxy Bingo

Foxy Bingo has become one of the biggest and most popular online bingo sites in the UK. This is an example of a reliable and trusted site. The site provides exciting games, free bingo no deposit offers, and even a weekly £1m jackpot game.

888ladies Bingo

At 888ladies, you will find a fantastic variety of bingo games, as well as big coverall games with huge jackpots. They also offer £10 free bingo when you join with no deposits. In addition to that, a whooping 150% welcome bonus is another attractive feature of the site.

If you are alone or bored and want to have some fun in your spare time, online bingo UK is the best option to choose from an array of unending online games. The websites of UK bingo are also gaining popularity as a great socialising forum. By playing bingo online, people can make friends who share a common interest in the game. The simplicity along with the thrill and money has made UK bingo a great medium for entertainment. It is not just a game meant for winning but for enjoyment and social bonding as well.

About the Author:

Lee is a well known author who has been writing for Bingobase is the number one site for online bingo games. For more information about bingo games and bingo online. More details log on to

Have a Great Time with Bingo Online

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Have a Great Time with Bingo Online – an article by Lee Pickrell

Since many years, traditional bingo has been a popular pastime for people worldwide. It is amongst the most visited meeting place for friends, family, and new acquaintances. The relaxed and entertaining ambience of conventional bingo halls have been a source of attraction for many bingo enthusiasts. However, the advent of bingo online – bingo on Internet – has brought a revolution in the bingo industry. The growing familiarity with Internet along with the ease and convenience of its usage has led to the game’s online proliferation.

Playing bingo online offers the same level of satisfaction as playing bingo with friends and family in a land-based bingo hall, in fact sometimes even more. There are various reasons for its immense popularity. Some of the reasons are listed below.

1.    Socialising:  The game of online bingo involves multiple players. You could easily socialise with your friends and other bingo players from all over the world at the press of a button. With unlimited hours of fun and chatting, bingo online has gained immense popularity amongst people of all ages. The people you meet on the bingo site tend to be friendly and share a love for the exciting bingo game.

2.    Convenience: The hectic lifestyle of modern society does not permit many gamers to visit a bingo parlour these days. The job pressure as well as family obligations makes it difficult for people to take out time for visiting a land-based bingo hall. Bingo online has made it extremely convenient for bingo lovers to enjoy a fun-filled game from the comfort of their own homes at any hour of the day.

3.    Improved Technology: An online bingo site has flashy graphics and amusing sound effects to enhance the overall gaming experience. The technological advancement of online bingo has made it possible to play bingo online instantly without downloading anything. As a result of improved technology, you could play as many as cards as you want, thereby increasing your chances of winning with more cards.

The best part about playing bingo online is that it is accessible 24-hours a day. In addition, the offer of free bingo games which do not require any monetary deposits has added to its growth and popularity. Besides offering the chance to improve your speed, skill, and number-recognition abilities, bingo online also gives you the opportunity to meet new people. Indeed, traditional bingo hall has no match to the overall experience of online bingo.

The Author:

Lee is a well known author who has been writing for Bingobase is the number one site for bingo online games. For more information about bingo games, play online bingo and bingo online, visit

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