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Archive for May, 2009

Top Bingo Sites Offering Free Bingo No Deposit Offers To Players

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

Top Bingo Sites Offering Free Bingo No Deposit Offers To Playersby Lee Pickrell

Bingo is one of the most popular games in the world. It is a very simple game which can be played by almost everyone. Initially, bingo was played in land-based locations, like bingo halls. With the advent of the Internet, more and more people are becoming avid fans of online bingo. People are discovering the thrill of playing bingo online from the comfort of their homes. These new online bingo sites are user friendly, fun and can be really rewarding in terms of prize money.

One of the factors that make online bingo extremely popular amongst players is the social aspect of the game. The game, when played online, brings thousands of people together every day to socialise through bingo chat rooms. Many websites offer a variety of bingo games by charging small membership fees, while there are others that offer free bingo with no deposits. These offers are great if you want to make real money while playing at online bingo rooms.

There are many online bingo sites on the Internet, all targeting the same market. In order to attract more players to their site, many of them offer a certain amount of free bingo no deposit bonus. The new online bingo players can make use of these offers to see if they like the way the game is played.

Few of the top UK bingo sites that offer free bingo no deposit schemes are listed below:

Cyber Bingo: It offers £100 free trial of online bingo games. The site offers free bingo trials in a variety of game plays.

Minxy Bingo: It offers £20 bonus on the first deposit. The site makes it clear that the bonus will only be given to players who agree to receive the bonus along with the terms and conditions. Once a player completes his registration and makes his first deposit, he will automatically receive the sign up bonus.

Gone Bingo: It provides a wide variety of bingo games with 75 ball, 90 ball, 80 ball, and 30 ball rooms. It offers free bingo trials by providing free £15 game trial and an amazing 300% instant deposit bonus.

Bingo Cafe: The players can get one of the best options for playing online bingo at Bingo Café in an incredible 3D environment. It offers £10 free bingo with no deposits.

888Ladies: It is a lucrative option to play bingo at 888ladies and receive a £10 free bingo bonus. A number of fun-filled and innovative bingo games are available for playing at

With the availability of so many free bingo no deposit offers, indulge yourself in online bingo to your heart’s content. The industry of online bingo is going to grow phenomenally in the next few decades. There will be bigger cash prizes for the players with more offers of free bingo trials. New innovations and improvements in the design and game play of online bingo will make the bingo games more enjoyable.

About the Author:

Lee is a well known author who has been writing for Bingobase is the number one site for online bingo games. For more information about bingo games and bingo online. More details log on to

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Does anyone play bingo online for money?

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

Does anyone play bingo online for money?

I would love to, I just don’t know of a trusted site. I’m in canada.

Question posted by: hamylett

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How can I become an online bingo chat host?

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

How can I become an online bingo chat host?

I would like to become an online bingo chat host or chat leader as some sites call them but I don’t know who to contact so I can get into a company. Anyone know?

Question posted by: icesk8a00

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Play Bingo With More Bingo Cards

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

Play Bingo With More Bingo Cardsby Jwaltz

Bingo is very simple casino game. It is luck based game. UK bingo game becomes very popular all over world. You can find lots of casino bingo halls and online bingo sites which offer to play exciting bingo games.

In land based bingo game, all bingo balls contain same weight which is the fairness of the game. So that there are no balls with light weight that are drawn into the air tube and called more than other numbers.

In bingo game, there are every numbers has same chances to drawn. There are no patterns and bingo playing strategy that can be discriminated the called numbers. There are no predicting methods which make sure that these numbers will be called out.

There is no method which is useful to players so that they can affect the outcome of the draw numbers. There is no such gambling strategy or way of play so that players can affect the out come of the game.

Every bingo card has same chance of having called numbers which make bingo a fair game. It means that gambling player play with more bingo cards so that he has more chance to win. Each additional bingo card adds additional chance of having the draw numbers. Players have to pay for the additional cards.

Playing with more bingo cards, this strategy is very helpful to increase the winning chances. It means that the number of bingo cards a player plays is important. The internet bingo site offers large number unique and random of bingo cards for players. Many internet bingo sites offer auto daubing software which automatically mark numbers on cards which match the called out numbers. So, online casinos players can easily enjoy playing bingo game with more cards.

About the Author:

John Waltzer is a freelance writer. He is into web site design and development besides writing online in ezines and article sites. He writes on online bingo game, internet casino games and gambling strategy.

Free Bingo a Great Way to Start Playing Bingo Online

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Free Bingo a Great Way to Start Playing Bingo Online – an article by Natalie Gambleton

 Anybody who knows anything about online bingo knows that all the best sites let you play free bingo. Often times, gamers think this means there’s some hitch and that if you’re playing for free you’re not able to play all the same games or there must be some limit to the amount of free online bingo you can play. These common misconceptions are simply untrue and the fact is that the best online bingo sites, like, allow both newcomers and seasoned online bingo gamers play as much free online bingo as they like. The truth of the matter is that there’s never any pressure to play for money and all the games you love to play are available whether you play free bingo or not.

So You’re New to Online Bingo

If you’re new to online bingo then what better way can you imagine to familiarize yourself with the tricks of the trade than by starting to play free online bingo. It’s not that online bingo is exceptionally difficult or that it differs vastly from traditional bingo forms. But many people who are new to online gaming or to online bingo are apprehensive about how things work before they have any experience. In fact, online bingo is extremely easy and it doesn’t take long to feel comfortable with the new online format. Still, developers of online bingo sites want gamers to feel comfortable and also don’t want to alienate online bingo players who are just out to have a bit of fun. For these reasons, you can rest assure that no matter when you decide to try online bingo you’ll be able to play free bingo for as long as you like.

You Don’t Want to Lose Money

While familiarizing yourself with online bingo formats is a great reason to play free bingo many people choose this alternative because they love to play bingo but don’t like to spend their hard earned money. Free online bingo is no different from pay games meaning you can have all the fun of bingo with none of the risk.

Also, online bingo sites are a great place to meet new people. The communities at online bingo sites like and other premier sites can be described as friendly and vast. There are so many new players showing up every month that the communities seem to be growing exponentially. If you’re looking for a comfortable place to meet people but don’t want to spend a lot of money, online bingo is perfect for you. First of all, it’s totally free if you have a computer with internet. And secondly, even when you play for free you have all the rights and privileges of players who prefer the excitement of gambling. You can still meet other gamers and you never have to worry about parting with your cash.

Free Online Bingo Games

So at this point, you may be asking yourself: “What’s the catch?” Maybe these online bingo sites are just trying to lure players with free games but there are limits to the number of games or maybe even the types of games. I can understand how people would think that online bingo sites have nothing to gain from offering free games but the fact is there are no limits. All the games that you can pay to play are available for free. And what’s more, there are no limits to the number of times you can play free online bingo. Simply put, there is no catch. Online bingo sites have nothing to lose by offering free games to interested players. In fact, most players eventually want to try playing for jackpots once they realize that it’s very inexpensive to play. However, if you prefer to play for free and you visit online bingo sites for the chance to meet and chat with friends then you’re more than welcome to do so. There is never any pressure to pay to play. Free online bingo is available any time you want to play with no strings attached.

Learn the Ropes and Play for Jackpots

Nonetheless, many people would argue that the true thrill of playing online bingo is when you play for a massive jackpot. There are often jackpots valued at thousands of dollars which is why playing for free is such a great benefit. Basically, many gamers choose to play free bingo online so that they can learn the ropes. Try out new games and see what suits you best. Which games are the most fun? Which games offer the best chance of winning jackpots? Whatever your questions about online bingo, they can be answered by trying out the games for free. Then, once you’re comfortable with the games and you know what you like you can try to play for jackpots. It’s very simple. Free bingo is a great way to start playing bingo online.

The Author:

Natalie Gambleton has been playing bingo for 16 years. She provides interesting information about bingo based on her experience and knowledge. Her articles show useful tips and guidelines to play free bingo.

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