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AKB48-BINGO ! live

Video posted by: CorbeauNoir666

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Comments & Feedback on "AKB48-BINGO ! live"

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15 Responses to “AKB48-BINGO ! live”

  1. ferbelove Says:

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    takamina is so gorgeous here!!

  2. mmp1261 Says:

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    i just found the regular verison with like 20 more ppl did they like split them up

  3. kcmj62 Says:

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    they even sound better than a bunch of other groups i listen to like morningmuseme…

  4. ppuii2 Says:


    what the hell…

  5. heatersaturday Says:

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    they are good, but i like momusu more…

  6. NoursXchan Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    Merci pour ton commentaire sur ma vidéo akame ^^ J’adore sinon les Akb48, je sais pas si t’aime les dramas mais y en a trois des Akb48 qui joue dans un drama et c’est bien drôle ! C’est Mendol-Ikemen Idol ! Bon c’est du grand n’importe quoi mais je me suis bien marré à le regarder XD Voili voilou et merci aussi d’avoir mit ma vidéo dans tes favoris, très honoré ^v^ Sur ce bonne journée ^v^

  7. shineefan1 Says:


  8. electricfreak Says:

    Website content

    They are so cute

  9. rainxlxl Says:

    Website content

    what about watanabe mayu? 🙁

  10. rainxlxl Says:

    Website content

    lol I’m a girl nd I like AKB48 I think there are not enough comments because most people don’t know about AKB48. They’re popular in Japan but not in other countries.

  11. qqqs Says:

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    team A:
    Maeda Atsuko
    Takahashi Minami
    Kojima Haruna
    Itano Tomomi

    team K:
    Ono Erena
    Oshima Yuko
    Kasai Tomomi

    team B:
    Watanabe Mayu

  12. Blastmyinferno Says:

    Atsuko Maeda, Tomomi Kasai, Erena Ono, Takahashi Minami OH YEH!!!!

  13. Blastmyinferno Says:

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    Lol yeh I like this group the best
    But I dont know which team it is
    And what are their names O_O

  14. seigikya Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    good song, good style.
    why is not every single from akb this girly and decent?

    why they have only 2 comments?
    oooo let me guess!! they are not showing their asses.. shame on all the lolicons that support the other singles with high sex content. x.x

  15. jimmysaku Says:



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