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Celebrity bingo players include Catherine Zeta-Jones, Denise Van Outen, Elle Macpherson, Robbie Williams, Bianca and Jade Jagger, and even Bill Clinton. Rumour also has it that Queen Elizabeth enjoys the odd game!! Find out why everyone loves the game, check out one of our recommended online bingo sites


It’s well known that celebrities and artists of all kinds often change their names to enhance their image or make them more memorable. For instance did you know that Kirk Douglas was originally Issur Danielovitch Demsky? And Elton John’s real name is Reginald Kenneth Dwight? See some more names. This cute game suggests some names you might use if you plan to be famous! And underneath we’ve listed some of our favourite celebrity?


Here are some more celebs, and the names their parents gave them.


Your celebrity names
Celebrity name Real name
Lauren Bacall Betty Joan Perske
David Bowie David Robert Hayward-Jones
Michael Caine Maurice J. Micklewhite
Cher Cherilyn Sarkisian
Alice Cooper Vincent Damon Furnier
Bing Crosby Harry Lillis Crosby
Tony Curtis Bernard Schwartz
Bo Derek Mary Cathleen Collins
Kirk Douglas Issur Danielovitch Demsky
Bob Dylan Robert Zimmerman
W.C. Fields William Claude Dukenfield
Judy Garland Frances Gumm
Whoopi Goldberg Caryn Johnson
Cary Grant Archibald Alexander Leach
Billie Holiday Eleanora Fagan
Buddy Holly Charles Hardin Holley
Rock Hudson Roy Scherer
Billy Idol William Board
Elton John Reginald Kenneth Dwight
Boris Karloff William Henry Pratt
Michael Keaton Michael Douglas
Cheryl Ladd Cheryl Stoppelmoor
Bruce Lee Lee Yuen Kam
Huey Lewis Hugh Cregg
Little Richard Richard Penniman
Madonna Madonna Louise Ciccone
Malcolm X Malcolm Little
Barry Manilow Barry Alan Pincus
Dean Martin Dino Crocetti
Meat Loaf Marvin Lee Adair
Marilyn Monroe Norma Jean Mortensen
Nancy Reagan Anne Frances Robbins
Joan Rivers Joan Sandra Molinsky
Sugar Ray Robinson Walker Smith, Jr.
Omar Sharif Michael Shalhoub
Charlie Sheen Carlos Irwin Estevez
Ringo Starr Richard Starkey
Sting Gordon Matthew Sumner
Donna Summer La Donna Andrea Gaines
Tina Turner Annie Mae Bullock
Mark Twain Samuel Langhorne Clemens
Twiggy Leslie Hornby
Stevie Wonder Steveland Judkins
Tammy Wynette Wynette Pugh


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