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Bingo The Clown a video of Chris Landreth. Real version. Please ignore my old URL at the bottom of the video.

Video posted by: Jvstin

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Comments & Feedback on "Bingo The Clown"

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25 Responses to “Bingo The Clown”

  1. lovabillcherno Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    A name is different from a purpose….isnt it?

  2. scyllacat Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    That was what I first thought, then I thought, isn’t that kind of the way we teach kids their names, anyway?

  3. dfer159632 Says:

    Website content

    the sounds kinda off though

  4. punxsutawneyphyllis Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    Except that some people _want_ to be labeled ADHD or depressed or whatever, because they’ll get pity that way.

    This reminds me more of how certain cults and such take complete losers and reshape them into whatever they want, messing the loser up even more than s/he was before.

  5. VictoriaVendetta Says:

    *Heart attack*

  6. nalosfire Says:

    Caffeinated Content


  7. lovabillcherno Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    That’s some serious brainwash…

  8. willpreston Says:

    Create a video blog

    once my brother took acid and came home still tripping. he met my scarey nagging mum and he said it was like this. her head kept growing everytime he looked at her.

  9. FluffyCore Says:

    Create a video blog

    at 2:39 I craped my pants… that was so fucking scary .. I so hate clowns

  10. Squidnibbley Says:


    Talk about a Acid trip…. jeesh

  11. psyborgue Says:

    Create a video blog

    It’s about attack therapy in a cult (really).

  12. mikfox74 Says:

    Create a video blog

    well, in my humble opinion, its about peer presure, how society makes you believe that you are somebody (who you really aren’t), the TVs, the money overestimating (at first the guy isnt interested in money, but the money guy makes him be interested), everything here is a symbol

  13. CaysieIsBomb Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    what does this video mean? what is the point? where is the rabbit hole?

  14. jackassinpink Says:

    Create a video blog

    HAHAHAHA really funy 🙂

  15. Josh072180 Says:

    Caffeinated Content – Members-Only Content for WordPress

    Some people don’t realize there’s a rabbit hole, even when it’s right in front of them.

  16. beverins Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    There’s nothing wrong with these visuals, goes to show the program doesn’t matter – it’s the artist!

  17. superficialWounds Says:

    Create a video blog

    i first saw this in “Eyedrops” on techTV

  18. GigaBowserX Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    Ah the memories

  19. thePavuk Says:

    Website content

    I saw this and another great videos on MAYA demo CD in 1998-9?. It was so unique at these times.

  20. georgebushisawesome Says:

    Caffeinated Content – Members-Only Content for WordPress


    substitute the word with “depressed”

    or ADHD

    or worse…

    and see where the rabbit hole goes…

  21. Sector7Seven Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    This video was made back in the day when Maya was still under development. Give them props for making these graphics at such an early age.

  22. TommyC71291 Says:


  23. b5luva4life Says:

    Create a video blog

    i like it!

  24. Icu3d Says:

    Website content


  25. hilarydufflover97 Says:

    Caffeinated Content – Members-Only Content for WordPress

    this video is really stupid:S

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