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  Tips on buying and marking cards   Joining The Bingo Games… When you want to join in an online game you will be offered a set of cards, which are generated randomly by the computer. You generally select them for purchase by just clicking on them. Most games allow you to change the cards […]

About online bingo tournaments   A Bingo Tournament is basically where players take part in a number of Bingo games over a period of time. Points are awarded to the winner of each game during the Tournament. The player with the highest number of points at the end of the Tournament wins the Tournament prize. […]

Did you know…a few snippets of Bingo history and interesting facts The first version of Bingo was a 16th century Italian lottery game called Lo Giuco de Lotto. But the game we know today dates back to 18th century France, when cards, tokens and number calling were introduced. The original game included numbers 1-90 and […]

Your Guide to Bingo Jargon:   Auto-Bingo – game function where the software automatically calls ‘Bingo!’ for you if you win Auto-daub/auto-dab/auto-play – game function where the software automatically marks your cards as the balls are drawn Auto-purchase – game function where the software automatically purchases cards for you when a new game starts ‘Best […]

Bingo callers in Bingo halls often use rhymes or other short descriptions to liven up the stream of numbers being called. These are always in the same way – nickname first, then number. For instance, "Kelly’s Eye, number 1" – "Two little ducks, 22". Here are some of the most common nicknames…   By the […]

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