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BingoWorkz Bingo Review

Key features of BingoWorkz Bingo Software

  • non-download (Flash) bingo games
  • multiple game streams
  • unique Poker Bingo game

BingoWorkz Description

  • BingoWorkz sites have non-download (Flash) games in several game streams, including one for the normal games and specials, one for the ‘Fair n Square’ game in which all players have the same number of cards, one for Blackout games only. And one for the amazing Poker Bingo game.
  • Bingo Poker is an innovative game unique to BingoWorkz. It runs on the same principles as Poker, but replaces the poker cards with bingo cards. Players start by buying some cards. The balls are then drawn in groups of around 10. After each group, players must place an extra bet on any bingo cards they want to keep, any other cards are discarded. This is called “Anteing”. They may choose to only pay for those cards they think have a chance of winning, or they might choose to bluff just as in a poker game. After a few ante-up sessions, the number of players and the total number of cards remaining in the game will go down. The game ends when either someone gets bingo or all players have ‘folded’. If no bingo is declared, the jackpot prize is carried forward to the next game.
  • In each stream you can choose from a range of beautifully themed playing screens.
  • BingoWorkz sites all play the same games so there are always lots of people online. They claim over 500,000 players worldwide.
  • Well developed community features are open to players at all the sites, including a frequent and friendly newsletter.