Printable bingo cards

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Print your bingo cards here


To make your cards:

  • Step 1 - choose a card size and a theme for your cards
  • Step 2 - edit our default word selection if you wish. You can remove some words or add others of your own to those we have listed.
  • Step 3 - enter the number of cards you want.
  • Step 4 - click 'generate'.

Your cards are now ready for printing and cutting.

Finally, to play your bingo game you will need to create a set of separate words you can use for the draw.

Tip: If you generate 1 card that contains all your words you can then chop up this card to use for your draw. Our default lists contain 65 words, so a 5x13 card will contain them all. If you have say, 40 words, generating a 5x8 card will have them all.
Bingo card size: by

The Bingo Guide custom sets:    

Words/Phrases (CSV format; minimum number based on the dimensions above)

Number of cards to generate:

Sort the words in each card: