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Love Bingo? Then we think you’ll adore our designer clothing and gifts, on sale through our US store.

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Shirts (short)

'Bingo players do it with 90 balls!'‘Bingo players do it with 90 balls!’

Bingo Lover's T-shirt (women)Bingo Lover’s T-shirt (women)

Bingo lovers have more balls!!Bingo lovers have more balls!!

'Bingo Widower' t-shirt‘Bingo Widower’ t-shirt

'Bingo Princess' pink t-shirt‘Bingo Princess’ pink t-shirt

'Bingo Bitch' white t-shirt‘Bingo Bitch’ white t-shirt

Kids Clothing

'My mom loves Bingo' T-shirt‘My mom loves Bingo’ T-shirt

BingoMan + BingoWoman = BingoBabyBingoMan + BingoWoman = BingoBaby

My mummy won the jackpot!My mummy won the jackpot!

Hats & Caps

'Bingo players have a lotta balls!!'‘Bingo players have a lotta balls!!’

100% Bingo!!100% Bingo!!

Fun Stuff

Lucky Bingo Lover's TeddyLucky Bingo Lover’s Teddy


Home & Office

Official Bingo Lover's MousematOfficial Bingo Lover’s Mousemat

Official Bingo Lover's CoasterOfficial Bingo Lover’s Coaster

Bingo Lover's Wall ClockBingo Lover’s Wall Clock

Bingo Throw PillowBingo Throw Pillow

Bingo Keepsake BoxBingo Keepsake Box

Bingo JournalBingo Journal



Bingo Lover's MugBingo Lover’s Mug

'100% Bingo' - Stein‘100% Bingo’ – Stein

For bingo tea only!For bingo tea only!


Buttons & Magnets

Bingo Rectangle Magnet (10 pack)Bingo Rectangle Magnet (10 pack)

Bingo Rectangle MagnetBingo Rectangle Magnet

Intimate Apparel

'Wanna share my dabber?!'‘Wanna share my dabber?!’

'Bingo bitch' thong‘Bingo bitch’ thong



Bingo Rectangle StickerBingo Rectangle Sticker

Bingo Oval StickerBingo Oval Sticker


Check out the whole range of Bingo Gifts and Apparel at our Cafepress Store


or click here for our Bingo apparel and gift shop for UK(£) and Europe(€)


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