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Bingo Liner

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Bingo Cafe

Summary – Bingo Cafe

Take a Break at Bingo Cafe! Amazing 3D gaming environment where you can see your player walk, talk and sit at a table with other players. Two differently priced Bingo Halls, daily and weekly specials, plus extra table games. And check out the original and appealing VIP Brew Masters program for frequent players. 15 free cards when you register and download the software. All in all, we think Bingo Cafe has plenty to offer!

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Categories: Leap Frog Bingo Sites,Online Bingo,Other Bingo reviews

Geisha Bingo

Summary – Geisha Bingo


Have a look at the Amazing 3D software at Geisha Bingo. You can see yourself and other players walk and talk in the lobby, bingo and slot rooms. And you even get to choose how your player looks and dresses. They also have some excellent chat features, including the facility to programme your own shortcuts. Plus they’ll give you free cards and slot spins to try them out!

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Cyber Bingo

Summary – Cyber Bingo

Big Big prizes from one of the first and most popular games on the net. Cyber Bingo operates a massive network of affiliated sites, all linking players into the same game streams. This means they are likely to have larger numbers playing and so larger pots and livelier chat.

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