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About Online Bingo Specials and Chat Games

Most Bingo sites offer a variety of ‘Specials’ with their own particular rules. They may be played within the normal bingo game stream or just in the Chat Room.

Some Specials are normal Bingo games but with a bit of a twist. For example they may be speed games, low price games, high jackpot games, games with incredibly complex patterns and so on.

Chat Room specials are usually free, fun games that are linked to the ongoing Bingo game. For instance the first few numbers drawn in the Bingo game may double as a lottery or Keno draw in a Chat Room game.

Prizes for Chat Room specials tend to be in the form of ‘Bonus’ money. This is credited to your account and can be used to purchase cards but not cashed in directly.

The variations of specials on offer are too numerous to describe, so we’d suggest you have a look at the details on your chosen Bingo web-site. Most have a page dedicated to describing their Specials.

Bingo Chat Games is also a social activity

Bingo is not just a game of chance, it is also a social activity. With the rise of online bingo, chat rooms have become an integral part of the bingo experience. Bingo chat games are a fun way for players to interact with each other while playing the game. Here are some popular bingo chat games that you can try out:

  1. Trivia: In this game, the chat host asks a series of questions related to general knowledge, pop culture, or anything under the sun. The first player to answer correctly wins a bingo bonus or a small prize.
  2. Word scramble: The chat host jumbles up a word related to bingo or anything else, and players have to unscramble it as quickly as possible. The first player to unscramble the word wins a bonus or a prize.
  3. Lucky number: The chat host picks a number, and players have to guess whether the next bingo ball called will be higher or lower than that number. The first player to guess correctly wins a bonus or a prize.
  4. Name that tune: The chat host plays a snippet of a song, and players have to guess the name of the song or the artist. The first player to answer correctly wins a bonus or a prize.
  5. Hangman: The chat host thinks of a word related to bingo or anything else, and players have to guess the letters one by one to solve the word. The first player to solve the word wins a bonus or a prize.

These chat games add an extra layer of fun to the bingo experience, and they also provide players with the opportunity to win some extra prizes or bonuses. However, it is important to remember that the main focus should always be on the bingo game itself. Make sure to follow the chat room rules and be respectful to your fellow players. Enjoy the chat games, but don’t let them distract you from the main event – winning at bingo!

Prizes for Chat Room

In the world of online bingo, chat room specials are a popular way for players to add some extra excitement and fun to their gaming experience. These specials typically take place in designated chat rooms during specific times of the day or week and offer players the chance to win prizes in addition to their regular bingo game winnings.

One type of prize commonly offered in chat room specials is bonus money. Bonus money is essentially free credit that is credited to a player’s account and can be used to purchase bingo cards. However, it cannot be cashed out directly and must be used to play bingo games.

While bonus money may not offer the same immediate gratification as cash prizes, it does provide players with the opportunity to extend their playing time and potentially win even more money. Plus, it allows players to explore different bingo rooms and games without having to risk their own money.

To participate in chat room specials and potentially win bonus money, players must first join the designated chat room during the specified time. Then, they will be provided with instructions on how to participate in the game or activity.

Chat room specials can vary widely from one online bingo site to another. Some may offer trivia or quiz games, while others may involve guessing games or word scrambles. Regardless of the activity, the goal is always to create a fun and engaging experience for players while giving them the chance to win additional prizes.

In conclusion, chat room specials in online bingo offer players the opportunity to win bonus money that can be used to purchase bingo cards and extend their playing time. While bonus money cannot be cashed out directly, it provides an added layer of excitement and fun to the online bingo experience. Players should always be sure to check the rules and guidelines of each chat room special and follow them accordingly for the chance to win.