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In bingo chatrooms you can find lots and lots of unfamiliar slang words and different lingo than you are used to. Below we list the most common ones to help you out!

Bingo Lingo – Decoding the Slang of Bingo Chatrooms

If you’ve ever joined a bingo chatroom, you may have been surprised to find a whole new language being spoken. Bingo lingo is a unique set of slang words and phrases that have evolved within the bingo community over time. These terms are used to describe different aspects of the game, as well as to communicate with other players. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most common bingo lingo terms you’re likely to encounter.

First of all, let’s start with the basics. When playing bingo, you’ll typically be given a card with a grid of numbers on it. The goal is to match the numbers on your card with the numbers that are called out by the bingo caller. The numbers on the card are arranged in columns, with each column represented by a letter – B, I, N, G, O. The caller will call out a letter and a number, such as “B-12”. If you have that number on your card, you’ll mark it off. The first player to mark off all the numbers in a specific pattern (such as a straight line) will win the game.

The most common terms

Now let’s move on to the lingo. One of the most common terms you’ll hear in a bingo chatroom is “GL” or “good luck”. This is a friendly way to wish other players good luck before the game starts. Another popular phrase is “WTG” or “way to go”, which is used to congratulate someone who has just won a game.

When a player is getting close to winning, they may call out “1TG” or “2TG” to let other players know how many numbers they need to win. “1TG” means they are one number away from winning, while “2TG” means they are two numbers away.

If you’re playing multiple cards at once, you might hear someone refer to a “coverall” game. This means that the goal is to cover every number on all of your cards to win the game.

Bingo lingo also has its own set of numbers that are represented by words or phrases. For example, the number 7 is often called “lucky seven”, while the number 13 is sometimes referred to as “unlucky for some”. The number 88 is known as “two fat ladies”, while 11 is called “legs eleven”.

Finally, if you’re feeling lucky, you might want to try your hand at a “progressive jackpot” game. This is a game where a small percentage of each player’s buy-in goes towards a jackpot that continues to grow until someone wins it.

The complete list of bingo lingo

You’ll soon notice if you’re a newcomer to using Bingo Online Chat Rooms that the chatters use a lot of abbreviations and codes in their messages. Here are the most common ones you’ll come across in Bingo Chat Rooms.

Bingo chat shortcuts

  • 1tg – one to go
  • 2tg – two to go
  • 3tg – three to go
  • afaik – as far as I know
  • AFK – away from keyboard
  • asap – as soon as possible
  • A/S/L – age/sex/location
  • back/BAK – back at keyboard
  • bbl – be back later
  • bbiam – be back in a minute
  • bbs – be back soon
  • bf – boyfriend
  • blnt – better luck next time
  • bo – blackout
  • brb – be right back
  • btu – back to you
  • btw – by the way
  • bye – good bye/good night
  • cm/cmr – chat moderator/chat room moderator
  • cya – see ya
  • cyal8r – see ya later
  • fwiw – for what it’s worth
  • fyi – for your information
  • gf – girlfriend
  • gg – good going
  • gj – good job
  • gl – good luck
  • gla – good luck all
  • gle – good luck everyone
  • gl2u – good luck to you
  • gm – good morning
  • gmta – great minds think alike
  • gn – good night
  • gr8 – great
  • gtsy – glad to see you
  • hb – hurry back
  • hhis – hanging head in shame
  • ic – I see
  • igp – I’ve gotta pee
  • imo – in my opinion
  • irl – in real life
  • iykwim – if you know what I mean
  • jk – just kidding
  • jtlyk – just to let you know
  • kit – keep in touch
  • kotc – kiss on the cheek
  • lol – laughing out loud
  • ly – love ya
  • l8r – later
  • np – no problem
  • oic – oh I see
  • omg – oh my god/goodness
  • otoh – on the other hand
  • pita – pain in the a**
  • pm – private message
  • pmp – peeing my pants
  • poof – I’ve left the chat
  • r – are
  • rofl – rolling on the floor laughing
  • roflmao – rolling on floor laughing my ass off
  • *sac – sorry all close
  • sd – sweet dreams
  • sohf – sense of humour failure
  • sry – sorry
  • sty – same to you
  • swl – screaming with laughter
  • sys – see you soon
  • tc – take care
  • ttfn – ta ta for now
  • ttyl – talk to you later
  • ty – thank you
  • tyvm – thank you/thank you very much
  • u – you
  • vg – very good
  • wb – welcome back
  • wtg – way to go
  • wth – what the heck
  • ww – warm welcome
  • ybs – you’ll be sorry
  • ysr – yeah…sure…right
  • yw – you’re welcome
  • yvw – you’re very welcome
  • <bs> – big smile
  • <eg> – evil grin
  • <g> – grin
  • <k> – kiss<s> – smile
  • <vbs> – very big smile
  • <veg> – very evil grin
  • <w> – wink
  • <wg> – wicked grin
  • 🙂 or 🙂 – smiling happy face
  • 🙁 or 🙁 – sad face/frown
  • :-p – sticking tongue out
  • 😉 or 😉 – wink
  • (((name))) – hugs to …name

In conclusion, bingo lingo may seem daunting at first, but it’s easy to pick up with a little practice. By understanding these common terms and phrases, you’ll be able to communicate with other players and fully immerse yourself in the exciting world of online bingo. So next time you join a bingo chatroom, don’t be afraid to join in the fun and use some of these fun and quirky terms yourself!