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Bingo Reviews

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

The Bingo Guide full page reviews of online bingo sites. Click on any of the bingo halls to see their review.  


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Parlay Entertainment Bingo Review

Friday, June 6th, 2008

parlay entertainment logo

Key features of Parlay Entertainment Bingo Software

  • download and non-download (Java or Flash),
  • multiple game streams
  • very good user features

Parlay Entertainment Bingo Description

  • More bingo games run on this type of software than any other and it’s easy to see why. It’s very straightforward to use, has download and non-download options (both Java and Flash on some sites).
  • Parlay Entertainment sites usually have multiple game streams, each with their own themed appearance. The chat facilities are good, with a choice of chat rooms, shortcuts and ’emoticons’ (smiley faces etc). You get pre-purchase, auto-play, auto-daub and ‘catch-up’ options.
  • The sites generally have well-developed community features and a vast array of specials and chat games.
  • Parlay were previously known as DCEG (Dot Com Entertainment Group).

Free Bingo Game

Friday, June 6th, 2008

This Free Bingo Game is provided courtesy of our friends at ProWagerSystems.

Click to Play Free Bingo Game!



Click to play our Free Bingo Game!




How to play our Free Bingo Game

  • Make sure your computer’s sound is turned on so you can hear the caller.
  • Click when you’re ready to play.
  • The pattern you are aiming to complete is shown at the top of the screen.
  • The total number of balls to be drawn, and how many have been called so far, is shown below the cards. The number varies between games.
  • The numbers already drawn show top-right.
  • Click on your cards to check numbers off as they are called.
  • You can check off the centre ‘X’ on each card at any time.
  • The game will indicate when a card is 2-away or 1-away from Bingo.
  • Click ‘Bingo’ when you have won! Don’t worry if you miss it, the game will spot it for you.
  • You can play as many games as you like.


Bingo Lingo

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

You’ll soon notice if you’re a newcomer to using Bingo Chat Rooms that the chatters use a lot of abbreviations and codes in their messages. Here are the most common ones you’ll come across in Bingo Chat Rooms. 


Bingo chat shortcuts

  • 1tg – one to go
  • 2tg – two to go
  • 3tg – three to go
  • afaik – as far as I know
  • AFK – away from keyboard
  • asap – as soon as possible
  • A/S/L – age/sex/location
  • back/BAK – back at keyboard
  • bbl – be back later
  • bbiam – be back in a minute
  • bbs – be back soon
  • bf – boyfriend
  • blnt – better luck next time
  • bo – blackout
  • brb – be right back
  • btu – back to you
  • btw – by the way
  • bye – good bye/good night
  • cm/cmr – chat moderator/chat room moderator
  • cya – see ya
  • cyal8r – see ya later
  • fwiw – for what it’s worth
  • fyi – for your information
  • gf – girlfriend
  • gg – good going
  • gj – good job
  • gl – good luck
  • gla – good luck all
  • gle – good luck everyone
  • gl2u – good luck to you
  • gm – good morning
  • gmta – great minds think alike
  • gn – good night
  • gr8 – great
  • gtsy – glad to see you
  • hb – hurry back
  • hhis – hanging head in shame
  • ic – I see
  • igp – I’ve gotta pee
  • imo – in my opinion
  • irl – in real life
  • iykwim – if you know what I mean
  • jk – just kidding
  • jtlyk – just to let you know
  • kit – keep in touch
  • kotc – kiss on the cheek
  • lol – laughing out loud
  • ly – love ya
  • l8r – later
  • np – no problem
  • oic – oh I see
  • omg – oh my god/goodness
  • otoh – on the other hand
  • pita – pain in the a**
  • pm – private message
  • pmp – peeing my pants
  • poof – I’ve left the chat
  • r – are
  • rofl – rolling on the floor laughing
  • roflmao – rolling on floor laughing my ass off
  • *sac – sorry all close
  • sd – sweet dreams
  • sohf – sense of humour failure
  • sry – sorry
  • sty – same to you
  • swl – screaming with laughter
  • sys – see you soon
  • tc – take care
  • ttfn – ta ta for now
  • ttyl – talk to you later
  • ty – thank you
  • tyvm – thank you/thank you very much
  • u – you
  • vg – very good
  • wb – welcome back
  • wtg – way to go
  • wth – what the heck
  • ww – warm welcome
  • ybs – you’ll be sorry
  • ysr – yeah…sure…right
  • yw – you’re welcome
  • yvw – you’re very welcome
  • <bs> – big smile
  • <eg> – evil grin
  • <g> – grin
  • <k> – kiss<s> – smile
  • <vbs> – very big smile
  • <veg> – very evil grin
  • <w> – wink
  • <wg> – wicked grin
  • 🙂 or 🙂 – smiling happy face
  • 🙁 or 🙁 – sad face/frown
  • :-p – sticking tongue out
  • 😉 or 😉 – wink
  • (((name))) – hugs to …name


Bingo Chat Rooms

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

How to use and enjoy bingo chat rooms


As any Bingo player will tell you, probably the main reason why Bingo Halls are so popular is the friendly sociable atmosphere. The good news is – online bingo is no different!

All the Bingo sites we recommend have bingo chat rooms to use while you are playing. Some have several rooms.

If you’ve never used a chat room before, they’re very simple and great fun, especially if there’s a good crowd in.

You may also be able to carry on a private, one-to-one chat with another player.

Note that in some sites chat is only available in some versions of the game.

Chat Room Games

Chat Room games are fun extras organised by the Chat Room Moderator or Host.

To participate in Chat Room games you will need to be actually in the Chat Room at the time the game is played and will usually also need to be playing Bingo.

Chat Room games are usually free, and tend to be linked in some way to the ongoing Bingo game. For instance the first few numbers drawn in the Bingo game may double as a lottery or Keno draw in a Chat Room game. Prizes for Chat Room specials tend to be in the form of ‘Bonus’ money. This is credited to your account and can be used to purchase cards but not cashed in directly.

Joining in at Bingo Chat Rooms

You don’t need to be playing Bingo to join in the chat. And you don’t have to join in when you’re in a bingo chat room. Some people prefer to just read the messages.

Some games have the Chat area visible on a specific part of the screen all the time. In others you need to click on ‘Chat’ or ‘open chat’ to open a chat window. ‘Floating’ chat windows allow you to resize or move the window around the screen, or hide it down below the playing screen.

You may be offered a choice of chat rooms. The names of the different rooms will usually give you a good idea what their theme is. In some cases you will also see listed the number of people currently in each chat room.

All chat rooms operate in very similar ways but you may find slight differences, so check the instructions as you enter for the first time.

How to write a bingo chat message

  • Click on the message area in the chat window
  • Simply type in a message
  • Our list of bingo chat abbreviations will help you write messages quickly and understand messages from other people
  • Most of the chat rooms in our recommended sites also have shortcut buttons for the most frequently used words and phrases. Just click on them and they will appear in your message.
  • Some chat rooms also include ’emoticons’ amongst their shortcuts. These are handy little symbols to express your emotions, such as smiley faces, sad faces, etc
  • When you are happy with your message, display it to the rest of the chat room, generally by clicking on ‘send’ or ‘enter’.

To make use of the Private Chat option, click on the player you want to talk to then the ‘Private’ button.

©  Article copyright 2008

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