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Bingo Chat

Monday, December 29th, 2008

Bingo Ettiquette 101 – Chat Rooms – an article by Online Bingo

Bingo Ettiquette 101 – Chat Rooms Bingo Games Online

To Speak or Not to Speak – That is the question on many Bingo Players minds when they enter a new bingo chat room. Love bingo has investigated the social divide of the Chat Room Watchers and the Chat Room Contributors.

Now, first of all there is nothing wrong with being a chat room watcher or a chat room participator, it is a complete personal preference. There are many reasons why some people like chatting in the chat rooms more than others, for example, the main contributors are usually players who have played on the site for a long period of time, e.g – the regulars. These players know each other and the CMs, so chatting in this instance is simply between friends with a common interest – Online Bingo.

Other players may like to simply read the chat more than to contribute. This could be because the chat room topics shift quickly and it may be difficult to keep up .

About Love bingo

Love Bingo is our name and Bingo is our Game! At Love Bingo, we are constantly innovating new ways in which players can enjoy to give the maximum enjoyment possible from a online bingo site. Love Bingo goes that extra step to help players get started, help players get involved with chat games and to give players a wide choice of promotions and offers in which to provide maximum bingo pleasure.

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how can i play cash pot bingo online living in usa?

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

how can i play cash pot bingo online living in usa?

I want to play bingo for real money on a site I use to play before they stop online gambleing on the site but I see that there are still people who play for us yet how can that be what is the trick

Posted by: carolynrgrant

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Play Bingo Online

Friday, December 26th, 2008

Online Bingo Freedom to Play Bingo Any Timeby Natalie Gambleton

Online bingo is all about freedom. You have the freedom to play any time of day or night. You have the freedom to play in the comfort of your own home. And you have the freedom to pick and choose the games you want to play. Plus, most online bingo sites today give players the freedom to play for free!! With the flexibility, ease, and convenience of fantastic gaming sites like you have no reason to not play online bingo. More and more bingo enthusiasts are discovering how great it is to play bingo online and in recent years there has been a definite and exponential growth in not only the number of online bingo players but also online bingo sites.

The Freedom to Play Day or Night

Perhaps the single greatest advantage that online bingo sites have over traditional bingo halls, churches, and pubs is the fact that you can play any time of day. This means even the graveyard shift worker can find time to fit in a few games of bingo every day. In the past, many of us have had to wait patiently for our weekly bingo night but with the ability to play online bingo this is no longer a concern. The best online bingo sites offer players the chance to play their favorite games regardless of the time of day. Plus, many of these sites have followed the format of online bingo leaders like by offering not only online bingo but a wide range of games from video poker to pull tabs and much more. The regular constraints of the bingo hall experience are erased in the world of online bingo. You can play whenever it suits you and you can focus on only your favorite games. This means you can find whatever style of bingo you enjoy most at any time of the day.

Play in Complete Comfort

As far as the online gamers’ comforts are concerned, nothing really compares to the ability to play from your own home. But to speak of the comfort of playing online bingo in such limiting terms is a bit unfair. Sure, one of the great advantages of online bingo sites is the fact that you can play from your favorite chair while you’re surrounded by the comforts of home. However, there are many other comforts offered by online bingo. First of all, there is the convenience factor that we’ve already discussed. Because online bingo sites like are available 24 hours a day you never have to stress about when you’ll fit in your bingo game. Another comfort that is part of the online bingo experience is the comfort to play only the games you love. Of course, online bingo sites specialize in all the traditional bingo games updated for an online medium but you can also play many other games. Recently, online keno has been seeing an increase in popularity with players who are looking for a bit of variety. So while the comforts of online bingo are present in the traditional sense, a comfy chair in your own home for example, there are added bonuses to playing online bingo!

The Freedom to Play for Free

Another great attribute of the online bingo scene is that you can play free bingo online. By playing free bingo you can familiarize yourself with an online bingo site totally risk free. And there is not limit to the number of games you can play so you can always play for free if that is your preference. With free bingo online you can enjoy all there is to experience with online bingo including exciting games and a great community of players. In fact, many people who choose to play free online bingo do so because of the community. You can meet some great friends and chat while you play the best games risk free. and other bingo sites have focused a lot of attention on recreating the traditional bingo experience online. So while there are some vital differences you never have to play alone. You will find that some of your best friends are the people who play online bingo and the opportunity to meet new people from around the world should be enough to convince you of the fantastic experience you can have playing online bingo.

Indeed, online bingo is all about freedom. You can play when you want, you can play the games you want, and you can meet great people. There are no timetables or schedules to follow. The freedom of online bingo is exemplified by the fact that the best sites are available to you when you need them and not the other way around.

About the Author:

Natalie Gambleton has been playing bingo for 16 years. She provides interesting information about bingo games based on her experience and knowledge. Her articles show how to play online bingo any time.
Online Bingo

The Best of OCC: The Teutuls play bingo!

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

The Best of OCC: The Teutuls play bingo!

The Teutuls make a visit to the Montgomery Nursing HOme and play bingo with the senior citizens. LMAO. Hilarious.~ From NAPA Drag Bike pt. 2 Best of OCC Series ~

Video posted by: timteutul

How old do you have to be to play Bingo?

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

How old do you have to be to play Bingo?

WHOA asked:
I’ve always wanted to play.

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