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where can i buy a online gift card to fund to play online bingo?

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

where can i buy a online gift card to fund to play online bingo?

i was told but that won’t work i.m a us citizen so need some way to deposit

Question asked by: gail

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How to Play Bingo on the Internet

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

How to Play Bingo on the Internet – an article by Gordon Goodfellow

Bingo has long been played in community centers and churches across the world but the internet has changed the world of bingo just as it has changed so many other activities. Now anyone can play bingo on the internet. To find online bingo sites you simply have to do an internet search. There are many to choose from and most will have instructions on how to play online.

The number of people playing bingo on the internet has surged over the past few years. You can opt to play on free sites or low cost sites, however if you want a premium service you can also pay to play. Most people choose free sites to enjoy their game of online bingo. These sites are especially beneficial if you wish to play bingo online but are new to the game and need to learn how to play. Once you have become a confident player you can try out other sites and look for the best online environment to play bingo.

Most people who play bingo on the internet are women. Surprisingly, the demographic of bingo players has changed with this new way of playing. In the past, bingo was largely an activity of the elderly, however a number of surveys of online bingo sites indicate that most online bingo players are younger, internet savvy players. These people were found to most often play from home and most play daily. This is not surprising since you can relax with online bingo at your own convenience. Given the busyness of modern life and the often long working hours people are committed to, the internet has become a haven for relaxation which might otherwise not exist.

Bingo is easy to play from home because you can choose an auto play option which allows the cards to play for you. However, you can still interact with other people on many bingo sites because they offer an online chat option. This is designed to create some of the same atmosphere as the original bingo halls. In fact, a lot of online bingo sites have discovered to their detriment that not having online chats is a serious disadvantage and as a result a number of them have failed. Players have clearly expressed a desire for a sense of community when they play bingo on the internet. Given that loneliness is a growing social problem with people increasingly feeling disconnected from one another, online bingo sites with chat facilities can provide an effective and enjoyable way for people to connect with one another.

Many traditional bingo halls are also offering bingo on the internet as well as at their normal venues. As demand for online bingo increases there are increasing opportunities to generate profit from bingo. There is a growing market of bingo players and alongside that market is a growing number of businesses seeking to appeal to the various needs of that niche.

So, whether or not you are an experienced bingo player, why not jump into the world of online bingo and get your feet wet? You may well find the experience wonderfully refreshing.

The Author:

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Wednesday, March 25th, 2009


“The most popular chidren’s song in the world” “Let’s sing with TOONBO(TM). The music from Dr. Bugs Bower and animation producer & director Jae & Ken. More info visit

Video posted by: serenade2008

Bingo The Clown

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Bingo The Clown a video of Chris Landreth. Real version. Please ignore my old URL at the bottom of the video.

Video posted by: Jvstin

Online Bingo Rooms and Online Bingo Cafe

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Online Bingo Rooms and Online Bingo Cafe – an article by James Murray

Online bingo rooms are where all the online bingo games are located and that is where all the fun and action take place, free bingo games, free cash, big bingo jackpots, online chatting and more.

Online Bingo rooms on some Internet bingo sites are designed in three dimensional to resemble real bingo rooms, but most online bingo sites are kept simple and take the format of a game screen with a chat windows. Chat windows are usually found on the left hand side of the room, the bingo board is generally at the top in the centre of the screen and the cards the player buys are shown in the centre of the screen. Additional information such as current jackpots and patterns are generally indicated on the right hand side.

Many online bingo games have a main room or general room for online bingo players who are just starting to learn to play bingo online and less serious bingo players, and a room for players wanting to play for higher stakes and bigger jackpots. One of the most popular bingo sites, Bingo Cafe. Just sit back relax and come and play bingo at Bingo Cafe. This site has 3D interactive games where players can have a ball and play online bingo in a fun and friendly environment and they have well run chats. Bingo Cafe offers the best range of games of all the UK Bingo sites around, with competitions, prizes, an in depth bingo dictionary, loads of live help, super chat masters and heaps of cash to be won. If Online Bingo is not all what online players are after they are in luck as the cafe’ has a massive range of games including some of the loosest slots on the Internet, Super Sevens, Fruit Frenzy, Cash Carousel, Slots of Bingo, and Bonanza are just some of the great slot games offered at Bingo Cafe. If poker is what some players are after, a quick game of high low or maybe a spin at the roulette table, its all there. It is action packed and fun for all, twenty four hours a day and seven days a week at Bingo Cafe.

In some bingo sites the High Rollers Room has all the features that are found in the Main Rooms as well as bigger bingo jackpots. The online bingo games are often more challenging in these rooms, such as the jackpot pattern, which would feature a blackout pattern. Cards prices are higher in these High Rollers Rooms, and the minimum number of cards for purchase is higher.

Online bingo players are able to socialize with Chat Leaders and fellow bingo players while they play the various games, which makes the bingo games more entertaining and fun, and the chat features are an integral part of online bingo rooms. Card buying features such as Schedule Buy, which makes it easy for online bingo players to pre-book bingo games and buy cards, allowing them to spend time chatting to other bingo players while they watch their games. Chat brings a strong sense of community to bingo rooms, making it a similarly social event to the experience of playing bingo in land based bingo rooms. Online bingo sites maximize this sense of community with online bingo player focused features and benefits. Bingo players, known as ‘Roomies’ at different sites, have the benefit of a Roomie Gallery and weekly newsletters that make them feel like part of the online bingo family.

Respect for fellow online bingo players and Chat Leaders are always expected in all online bingo rooms. Online bingo players are encouraged to support and respect one another all the time, and bingo players who are consistently rude, aggressive or uncooperative are warned if they continue with their behavior, they will be banned from playing at bingo sites.

To gain the maximum benefits at these bingo rooms consideration of other players are most important. Treat fellow bingo players with respect and everyone will have a rewarding experience. Roomies at online bingo rooms are like one big family and everyone playing bingo is there to have fun.

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James Murray is a successful writer and online Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) expert providing valuable tips and advice for those interested in seo and sem strategies. His numerous articles found on the Internet, provide useful and factual seo and sem information and insight. Some of his websites are,…Online Bingo Cafe at Bingo Cafe

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