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What are good bingo prizes to give out besides money?

My aunt and I will be sponsoring a Prize BINGO, and I want to get some good prizes, any ideas? We want to have a Grand Prize for the last game too, but don’t want to spend too much money on a Grand Prize.

Question posted by: sparkly_winks

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2 Responses to “What are good bingo prizes to give out besides money?”

  1. neopikachu99 Says:

    At the county fair each year, the bingo booth gives out a T.V. for the grand prize.

  2. revengeofheathclif Says:

    Depends on your expected clientel. Old folks don’t want footballs but kids do. Anyone would like a disposable camera, or DVDs or Gift boxed meats.
    Best to have a varioty of prizes and let winners select what they want. Anything extra, just return to the store where you bought them.

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