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Whatv do the specially marked numbers on a bingo card mean?

Whatv do the specially marked numbers on a bingo card mean?

I assume its probably different per bingo hall but when I was playing Bingo the other night some numbers had a pow symbol around them in general what happens when one of those is part of your bingo?

Question posted by: stevorules1820


The meaning of specially marked numbers on a bingo card can vary depending on the specific bingo hall or game being played. However, in general, these marked numbers are typically referred to as “power numbers” or “power balls” and are usually associated with special jackpots or prizes.

In some bingo games, the power numbers may be designated in advance and announced to players before the game begins. For example, the bingo caller may announce that the number 5 is a power number for that game, meaning that any player who gets a bingo with a number 5 in the winning pattern will win a special prize or jackpot.

In other games, the power numbers may be randomly generated or selected during the course of the game. When a power number is called, players who have that number on their card may be eligible for special prizes or jackpots. In some cases, the power numbers may be linked to progressive jackpots, which increase in value with each game played until they are won.

It’s also worth noting that some bingo games may use special symbols or markings to indicate other types of prizes or bonuses. For example, some games may use a star or a diamond symbol to designate bonus numbers that can increase a player’s winnings if they are part of a winning pattern.

Overall, the purpose of specially marked numbers in bingo games is to add excitement and variety to the gameplay experience and to offer players additional opportunities to win prizes and jackpots. If you’re unsure of the meaning of the marked numbers in a particular game, it’s always a good idea to check with the bingo hall staff or other players for clarification.