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Are there any sites where you can play free bingo all day and win money and prizes?

Hello, I am wondering where there is a free bingo site where you can play without putting in any money, but you can play with free money that you can use for the bingo or any other games likes slots and everything. Also, a site that lets you refill your free money accounts all day when they get to zero so that you can keep playing and winning money to use on other games even if you can’t withdraw it?

Question asked by: RobertC

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5 Responses to “Are there any sites where you can play free bingo all day and win money and prizes?”

  1. michaelstjohn2001 Says:

    Website content

    And the advantage of this site doing that would be what? Most gambling sites are not charitable operations.

  2. SJBFan Says:

    play bingo

    Try This Link Below….Its basically like a referral site to where the more you reffer people the better chance you have of winning something for free…just from 2008…i currently have a iphone,macbook and xbox 360 to my claimings from this site…took alot of hard work and advertising….ALL for FREE…REPEAT FREE…and people get really discouraged when they see they have to complete an offer…this is how i did mine without even paying….i signed up for the emusic for 14 free day trial(Debit or Credit Card Required)….and after like 3-7days my offer was completed…THEN ALL YOU HAVE TO DO AFTER IT’s COMPLETE…. IS 2 CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNT ON EMUSIC….YOU WILL NOT GET CHARGED!!!!….IF YOU WAIT UNTIL 14 DAYS IS UP…THATS WHEN THEY WILL START CHARGING 9.99 A MONTH,,,,So if you want credit for signing up..i recommend you to do this….if your a hard worker..ITS WORTH IT..NO SCAM..IT REALLY WORKS..just adveritise to friends family and around the community…they will start to catch on!!!!..I JUST TRYING SPREAD MY KNOWLEDGE TO HELP OTHERS IN NEED!!!….GOOD LUCK

  3. Joan B Says:

    I live in the UK so I usually play online bingo on sites that are in the UK.One of my favorites is definitely, that gives out a free sign up bonus. Most other bingo sites also give free bonuses but I got used to playing in just one place with the regulars.

  4. charmedlexa Says:

    Caffeinated Content – Members-Only Content for WordPress

    i don’t think there’s such thing as that… winning real money while playing for free… if there is i doubt if you could ever win

  5. oYsTeR Says:

    Website content

    there is a website where you can buy raffle tickets at $0.10 a pop for prizes at.

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