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Bingo Ettiquette 101 – Chat Rooms – an article by Online Bingo Bingo Ettiquette 101 – Chat Rooms – Bingo Games Online To Speak or Not to Speak – That is the question on many Bingo Players minds when they enter a new bingo chat room. Love bingo has investigated the social divide of the Chat Room […]

You’ll soon notice if you’re a newcomer to using Bingo Chat Rooms that the chatters use a lot of abbreviations and codes in their messages. Here are the most common ones you’ll come across in Bingo Chat Rooms.    Bingo chat shortcuts 1tg – one to go 2tg – two to go 3tg – three […]

How to use and enjoy bingo chat rooms   As any Bingo player will tell you, probably the main reason why Bingo Halls are so popular is the friendly sociable atmosphere. The good news is – online bingo is no different! All the Bingo sites we recommend have bingo chat rooms to use while you […]

About Online Bingo Specials and Chat Games   Most Bingo sites offer a variety of ‘Specials’ with their own particular rules. They may be played within the normal bingo game stream or just in the Chat Room. Some Specials are normal Bingo games but with a bit of a twist. For example they may be […]

Bear the points below in mind to make the most of bingo chat rooms…and avoid getting thrown out!  With Bingo Chat, Do Join in! Give it a go, you will invariably find the other chatters very welcoming and will soon get the hang of it. Have a friendly approach Welcome new players joining the chat […]

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