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FUN games bingo?

Ideas for FUN games to play alongside bingo?

I would like to incorporate a fun element into the bingo club I am working for in Italy, but the law is very strict.

I wondered if you have any ideas.

For example: I plan to use a rubber chicken which I’ll put on a table and if they win, they get a drink free from the bar. After each game the rubber chicken will be moved, whether someone wins on there or not.

Can you think of anything like that?
All ideas welcome.


Question asked by: Miss Pip


Adding fun games to bingo can make the experience more enjoyable for players and help to increase participation. Here are a few ideas that can be incorporated alongside bingo:

  1. Bingo Ball Toss: Set up a large container and a few ping pong balls with numbers written on them. Players can take turns trying to toss the ball into the container to win a small prize. The more challenging the toss, the better the prize.
  2. Bingo Trivia: Before each game of bingo, ask players a trivia question. The first player to answer correctly gets a free bingo card or a small prize.
  3. Bingo Raffle: Set up a raffle with small prizes that players can win at the end of each game. Players can purchase raffle tickets for a nominal fee and winners are chosen at random.
  4. Bingo Jackpot: Offer a progressive jackpot that increases each week until someone wins. Players can purchase additional cards for a chance to win the jackpot.
  5. Bingo Karaoke: Take a break between games and offer players a chance to sing karaoke. Players can earn extra bingo cards or small prizes for participating.
  6. Bingo Scavenger Hunt: Hide small items around the bingo hall and give players a list of items to find during the game. Players who find all the items can win a prize.
  7. Bingo Costume Contest: Encourage players to dress up in fun costumes for a chance to win a prize. Have a panel of judges or let players vote for their favorite costume.

When incorporating fun games into bingo, it’s important to keep in mind any legal restrictions in your area. Consult with local authorities or legal professionals to ensure that any added games or activities comply with regulations.