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How do people who run a bingo hall actually make a profit?

I know they sell their packages and instants and they give away $3500 a night from bingo, but how do they actually make this a profitable thing for them? How does one start something like that?

Question posted by: Sexxy Annie

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7 Responses to “How do people who run a bingo hall actually make a profit?”

  1. MONIC Says:

    of course they do, always!

  2. Just Cause Fan Says:

    the money they give away they don’t pay for their sponcer pays for that and i think they charge everyone who comes and plays

  3. Bear Says:

    How to Run a Successful Bingo Fundraiser:
    Revenue Generators

  4. texasbeu2y Says:

    they wiill charge 30 dollars a person you get at least 200 people throughout the day paying this and it adds up, most people lose and few people win kida like a casino does

  5. $h!tBird Says:

    well of course they make money.. they over charge for the cards, which those old ladies will play 20 cards a night and most of them loose 2 out of 3 times they go. and then you can sell stampers and all that “lucky” crap they love to buy.. and sell food.. jsut cheap stuff like hot dogs, nachos, pizza,etc.
    But you have to have a place big enough to do it, lots of insurance because old people fall alot and a bingo hall is an easy target to sue. you have to have a cleaning person, you have to have people to work there, someone making and selling food, selling cards ans stampers, and calling numbers, an accountant or at least a book keeper, and depending on where you live, you have to have someone to do outside work, especially snow removal and de-icing for old people.
    good luck with that. I’d probably rather start a day care

  6. doublequinella Says:

    At least in Calfornia, you have to be a charity, church, or an indian reservation.

    The indian reservations tend to award at about what it appears they sell – the ones that still run bingo treat it as something of a “loss leader” in the hopes the money plus more gets spent back in the slots.

    The charities are quite profitable. Figure a hall I know in N. California. They give away several thousand in a night, but figure on the video bingo and the reality that the average bingo player there spends $50-$75 or so. Multiply that 50 or 75 by 300 (avg atttendance) and you can see there’s profit.

  7. ? sincère ? Says:

    i kiss you baby

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