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Online Poker, Roulette and bingo.whats best?

Hi, I'm just getting into online play, and I found some sites with HUGE bonuses of up to 300% until such as And some with a lower percentage like 32red and 888, which is better, they are all equal? ¡The odds seem better with earnsmore, but sites are more luxury and 32red ………… 888 advice please!

Posted by: Robert E

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3 Responses to “Is bingo the best”

  1. HEIN N Says:

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    play poker! texas hold ’em is the best game to play if you wanna gamble… learn the game… more skill than luck involved so you can make good money if you know what you’re doing… if you sign up with they give you 100% double up up to $600… good luck!

  2. Beverly R Says:

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    The best advise I can give you, being a gambler myself and have lived in Vegas, is do NOT gamble on a website. How do you know it is not fixed?? Someone could have 5 PCs routed together and make up the whole table practically, if you were playing poker, and they will most likely win everytime. If you are going to gamble, do it at a Casino face-to-face and play Texas Holdem, because that is the only game that is not against the house. If you are going to play other table games and slots you might as well throw your $$ out the window.

  3. sharon b Says:

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    try here :

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