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Online Bingo Prizes

Online Bingo is about having lots of fun and winning lots of money! There are some fabulous prizes up for grabs!

Playing online Bingo is rather simple, even for the beginner. Although, there are some differences when it comes to Bingo prizes. Down below is an explanation about how these prizes are won and what they mean!

The Basics of Bingo Prizes:

  • Prizes are awarded for the first to correctly call ‘Bingo’. Every game produces at least one winner.
  • Prizes may be a set amount or based on the number of players – the more players, the higher the prize.
  • Some games offer non-cash prizes such as gift vouchers, or actual goods.
  • The free Bingo sites that offer prizes generally have smaller cash prizes, goods or shopping tokens to spend at sponsor sites.
  • If you win a prize it is credited to your account. You can then either use it to play more games or cash it in. If you want to cash in just go into your account and follow the instructions for cashing in. It may take a few days to process depending on how you want to be paid.
  • Prizes on special games tend to be in the form of ‘bonus’ money. This is credited to your account and can be used to purchase cards but not cashed in directly.

Bingo Jackpots

  • Jackpots are paid on most games if you call Bingo within a certain number of balls.
  • Jackpots are either a fixed amount or ‘Progressive’ that is, they start at a minimum level then increase each game until someone wins, then return to the minimum.
  • Some online games have truly enormous Jackpots – one site even boasts an annual $1million Jackpot!
  • There may also be a proportion of the Jackpot available if you call Bingo within the next few balls after the full Jackpot level e.g. you get the full Jackpot if you call within say 45 balls, then the prize decreases gradually for each additional number called until a minimum level is reached at say 55 balls. The prize is then fixed at that minimum level until the game is won.

So, there you have it, a comprehensive guide to all different Bingo prizes you can win by playing at most online Bingo sites!