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Why is gambling illegal in some states but you can still play bingo?

Sean M asked:
This does not make any sense to me whatsoever. If you know why or just want to comment please do so.

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Comments & Feedback on "Why is gambling illegal in some states but you can still play bingo?"

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6 Responses to “Why is gambling illegal in some states but you can still play bingo?”

  1. rouge?silver Says:

    play bingo

    `coz bingo is bingo!
    haha. people are really like that.
    dunno why…

  2. Ricky H Says:

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    That’s a good question, I think gambling should be legal everywhere. In my opinion the Stock Market is the countries largest casino.
    They get away with bingo where I live because a percentage of the profits go to charities.

  3. Joanne A. W Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    In some areas, bingo winners receive merchandise but not money.

  4. Jacob W Says:

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    States can make laws granting whatever exceptions they wish. Some states have horse racing and lotteries but do not allow any other forms of gambling. Some allow bingo or even ‘casino nights’ if the proceeds are for a non-profit organization.

    That is why raffles or 50/50’s are permitted by local volunteer fire departments, churches and charities but not other groups. The difference is who gets the proceeds.


  5. amam Says:

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    In my state even bingo was illegal at one point, so churches and VFW’s switched from bingo to Beano, whatever that is.

  6. James P Says:

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    As some people rightly said, it is up to law makers to decide which types of gambling are to be permitted or not. By gambling, often ‘gambling for money’ is the thing which is implied.

    Gambling for small prizes is not considered gambling for money, because one doesn’t usually sell what one wins. This allows gambling such as fairs, fetes, bingo, bets between friends, meat raffles etc.

    And lastly, you can’t legislate against everything. If we tried to legislate against everything we didn’t believe in, the law system would quickly fall over. That’s why some people say the law is not about justice, it’s about being workable.

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