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Bingo Chat Rooms – How to Chat with Players

How to use and enjoy bingo chat rooms with other bingo players!

As any Bingo player will tell you, probably the main reason why Bingo Halls are so popular is the friendly sociable atmosphere. The good news is – online bingo is no different!

All the Bingo sites we recommend have bingo chat rooms to use while you are playing. Some have several rooms. If you’ve never used a chat room before, they’re very simple and great fun, especially if there’s a good crowd in.

You may also be able to carry on a private, one-to-one chat with another player. Note that in some sites chat is only available in some versions of the game.

Chat Room Games

Chat Room games are fun extras organised by the Chat Room Moderator or Host. To participate in Chat Room games you will need to be actually in the Chat Room at the time the game is played and will usually also need to be playing Bingo.

Chat Room games are usually free, and tend to be linked in some way to the ongoing Bingo game. For instance the first few numbers drawn in the Bingo game may double as a lottery or Keno draw in a Chat Room game. Prizes for Chat Room specials tend to be in the form of ‘Bonus’ money. This is credited to your account and can be used to purchase cards but not cashed in directly.

Joining in at Bingo Chat Rooms

You don’t need to be playing Bingo to join in the chat. And you don’t have to join in when you’re in a bingo chat room. Some people prefer to just read the messages.

Some games have the Chat area visible on a specific part of the screen all the time. In others you need to click on ‘Chat’ or ‘open chat’ to open a chat window. ‘Floating’ chat windows allow you to resize or move the window around the screen, or hide it down below the playing screen.

You may be offered a choice of chat rooms. The names of the different rooms will usually give you a good idea what their theme is. In some cases you will also see listed the number of people currently in each chat room.

All chat rooms operate in very similar ways but you may find slight differences, so check the instructions as you enter for the first time.

How to write a bingo chat message

  • Click on the message area in the chat window
  • Simply type in a message
  • Most of the chat rooms in our recommended sites also have shortcut buttons for the most frequently used words and phrases. Just click on them and they will appear in your message.
  • Some chat rooms also include ’emoticons’ amongst their shortcuts. These are handy little symbols to express your emotions, such as smiley faces, sad faces, etc
  • When you are happy with your message, display it to the rest of the chat room, generally by clicking on ‘send’ or ‘enter’.

To make use of the Private Chat option, click on the player you want to talk to then the ‘Private’ button.